Asset management and maintenance

Management and maintenance of assets and equipment is easier with our system

Complex view
on assests and its condition
Predictive maintenance
with automatic rescheduling
Warehouse optimization
with automatic levels
Artificial intelligence
recognizes recurring incidents

By predicting consumption and automating calculations of optimal inventory levels, we increased availability of spare parts by more than 30%. At the same time, price of stocks stopped to increase.

Juraj Bezděk, Product Manager

The XMatik®/EAM product can be used in different fields where the emphasis is placed on monitoring of condition and technical parameters of equipment, timely maintenance as well as compliance with the legislation. Compile reports in form of diagrams and tables with one click. Find out which processes are the most time consuming and where are your highest costs . Enables automated planning, controlling and budget preparation for the next period. Unique product on the market with TISR certificate for specialized technical equipment.


Manages assets during the life cycle. Manages material in warehouses, analyzes faults and gives advises to maintenance workers


Do you want to take your business to the next level?

- Chochol Peter, sales director

Case study

XMatik® for Duslo, a.s.

XMatik® for SLOVNAFT, a.s.


With the technical solution that brought to us XMatik®.NET, we can prepare visually compelling work schedules.

– Ing. Roman Kurinec, SLOVNAFT, a.s., refinery-petrochemical company

Without technical solution of XMatik®, we would not be able to solve a problem with address administration and flow of material to maintenance actions

– Ing. Gabriel Zsilinszki, Department of maintenance support and development, Duslo, a.s.

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Direct contact
Chochol Peter
sales director
+421 2 50213142
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