Manages assets during the life cycle. Manages material in warehouses, analyzes faults and gives advises to maintenance workers

Interactive schemes
linked to objects
Root causes of malfunctions
with efficiency analysis
Mobile application
for maintenance workers and technicians

About product

Asset life cycle

Records of technical and economic parameters of asset from purchase, through operation to decommissioning. In case of the purchase of a new type of asset, its pledging and inclusion in portfolio is fully in hands of dedicated administrators.

Automatic scheduling

Automatic plan generation after pledging and inclusion of object based on user-set rules. Rules include manufacturer's recommendations, legislation or internal regulations.

In-field operation

Termination of activities using a mobile device and object identification using NFC technology and QR codes. Time recording of individual actions will provide an overview about running activities. Record about the fault fix can be supplemented with photo/video documentation and information about used material.

Management of technical equipment dedicated alebo restricted

Compliance with legislation for administration and maintenance of dedicated technical equipment confirmed by a certificate of the Technical Inspection of the Slovak Republic.


Automatic calculation of maximum and minimum inventory levels. Increasing availability of material while reducing occupancy of warehouses through reservations and prioritization. Prediction of the delivery of ordered material will specify date of availability of new parts.

Graphical representation of technical parameters

Maps and graphic diagrams are linked to records and parameters in technical records. Allows you to display parameters directly in the graphic diagram and change display based on current parameter values. For example, unresolved conditional faults may be indicated by a flashing red signal.

Interactive notifications

Notifications include buttons for immediate action, such as approving, resolving, etc. Action is beeing recorded into system without need to log in, which speeds up whole process and eliminates administrative burden.

Smart categorization of malfunction messages

Machine recognition of message text works in real time, is multilingual and also handles typos and slang expressions. Trouble shooting request includes the information on how the same or similar problem was resolved in past It preserves gained knowledge from maintenance actions for further sharing. It evaluates score of failures based on their number and business impact in case of occurrence.

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