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Bizzcom, s.r.o., is a full-fledged integrator with its own development, construction, electrical design, production and assembly. It designs complex solutions for various types of industries from simple, single-purpose devices, robotic cells and islands, up to complex production units and production automated lines.
Pillars of the activity are prototyping using 3D printing and RIM casting, mechanical production of precision components and design, production, installation and maintenance of industrial equipment in field of automatic assembly and production.
SFÉRA, a.s., is a software company focusing on tailor-made IT systems for industry, energy and transport. In order to expand opportunities for industrial customers, it has created a team that develops new solutions based on virtual and augmented reality.
SFÉRA and Bizzcom create ideal connection for joint development of complex IT solutions from design of production line to digital twin.


In recent years, Bizzcom, s.r.o. has noted a growing demand for visualization, digitization and online support tools for maintenance of production lines and technology equipment, which it supplies to its customers in industry, food industry and pharmacy.
As products from large global producers were not flexible enough, we decided to develop our own modular solution that could cover the needs of customers in following areas:
• visualization of production lines
• online service center
• digital maintenance manuals, work procedures and training
• digital factory to digital twin


Goal of joint project Bizzcom and SFÉRA is to develop a solution that supports digital transformation of industrial enterprises from data collection, visualization, maintenance support to digital factory and digital twin.
Digitalization covers the following areas:
• transformation of CAD construction models into virtual/augmented reality (design review, optimization of spatial distribution of workplaces)
• online collection and evaluation of data from production line (number of pieces, stroke, speed, pressure, temperature, error messages, etc.)
• digital registration and updating of maintenance work procedures (creation of own procedures, effective training, testing)
• display of real production in a virtual environment (digital image, simulation of changes, modeling of production expansion, etc.
Advantage of digital enterprise is access to technical data and manuals directly during the operation. It enables managers to take more qualified decisions, refine and improve maintenance interventions. At each step, they take production processes and decisions several levels higher.


The software solution for digitalization of manufacturing companies is based on the latest technologies with elements of virtual (VR), augmented reality (AR), real-time data processing, digital 3D models, Internet of Things (IoT) and artificial intelligence (AI).

Digitalization includes 4 areas: factory planning, maintenance, training center and digital twin.

At present, we are able to provide customers with a full solution for the first 3 areas:

FACTORY PLANNING enables production hall planning and interactive work with 3D machine models in virtual environment. The first step is automatic import of 3D construction models and their conversion into the VR/AR environment. Subsequently, it is possible to work interactively with models, design and approve 3D machine design, ergonomics, placement of machines within the production hall, measure distances, insert kinetic models of robots.

MAINTENANCE is a digital service center for displaying production and service data from machines and equipment. It offers unambiguous identification of the machine directly in the space, display of the relevant technical documentation for the machine according to the type of service operation, as well as creation, display and registration of specific work procedures, instructions and maintenance plans.

TRAINING CENTER is a virtual training and testing center for maintenance workers. It ensures the preservation of experience by digitizing procedures, unrestricted access to virtual training materials, safe training of various incidents and scenarios in risky operations, creation of digital technological production procedures.

The last area of ​​DIGITAL TWIN represents the final development stage of a comprehensive solution for the digital factory and simulations of changes in production.


The solution brings together state-of-the-art technologies using spatial scanning, digital 3D models, IoT, artificial intelligence, virtual/augmented reality and real-time data processing.
In addition to visualization for design review and layout, we can display real-time machine production data, maintenance manuals, operator training, remote service assistance and many other functions in the digital environment.


The solution also includes provision of other services:
• inventory status and visualization (distortion, conversion of CAD models, scanning by Lidar)
• control of consistency and completeness of error messages and production status (editing error messages, dashboard designs)
• creating and displaying workflows (linking to error messages, loading from an external source)
• training of new users (creation of specific training and testing scenarios tailored)
• technical support for seamless digital transformation of designed processes.
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